Eco Friends

Eco-Friends is a program being pioneered by Eco Ethics, Kenya under the broader umbrella of community outreach. The program carries the goal of opening up the organization to our target groups, community and stakeholders, working closely with them by enlightening the interest groups and the public about what we do and getting them involved.

By forming these tight links with the community and with like-minded individuals ,Eco Ethics Kenya looks to make strong collaborations and support networks with the youths through the various youth groups, learning institutions and activists; all with a common goal of environmental conservation.

Aneco sedanassists with the ongoing projects in the office and in the field. They require specific skills (or training) in the activities they will be undertaking (e.g. community development, finance, administration, outreach etc), similar to donating your skills in a particular field to facilitate the realization of a sound environment.

 Aneco representativeworks on the ground at his/her university, at events, in campaigns, in his/her immediate locality and can be a student or any person who demonstrates passion for the environment and commitment to work towards a sustainable environment. There are no expectations with regard to the skills they may possess, but the only thing required is that the Eco Representative has a genuine interest in the environment.

The eco friends program consists of two distinct categories of members of different interests in environmental conservation, collectively called Eco Friends. Eco friends are subdivided intoeco representativesandeco sedans. Both have different roles within the organization, and both will also have different reasons for joining.

The roles delegated to each representative will differ depending on experience/skills/time availability/intentions of joining. This will have to be made clear from the onset, and will be decided upon during a one on one interview with the prospective eco friend. The benefits that will be realized from this program by the eco friends are immense. Apart from contributing to environmental sustainability, other benefits include free advice and guidance from the staff, access to the organization’s resources including internet usage, study materials and books, networking, field and office working experience, exposure and contacts with other lead players in the field among others. Additionally the eco friends get to participate in environmental campaigns like world oceans day, world wetlands day, world environment day, etc.

This program looks at the broader picture of the interest groups and devises ways in which they can be brought on board into the daily activities of the organization. This program not only reaches out to people wanting to get involved, but also contributes to the overall effort to ultimately achieve greater environmental sustainability. Environmental soundness in the light of this program is achieved through awareness creation, outreach and publicity by the Eco friends both in the office and in the field.