Eco Ethics Kenya prides in working with interns both from Kenya and abroad. These are normally students looking for a practical opportunity to gain a hands on experience with respect to their fields of study. Among key fields from which we derive our interns, volunteers and students on attachment include ecology, community development,IT and environmental sciece.


Our team enrolled through this program often bring in new ways of thinking and different perspectives on our work, something we really are proud. In return, the interns, volunteers and students on attachment gain the appropriate experience to environmental and development issues of concern from the local and global perspectives. This is besides the overwhelming knowledge students gain on how the NGO sector operates since the program gives them a  rare chance to play part with our highly qualified and committed EEK team. We also provide supervision for Masters and PhD students undertaking fieldwork for their theses.


To date, EEK has had interns from programs such as the Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Kenyan Ministry of Youth and American Field Service.

Foreign students and volunteers are always spoilt of choice as we offer them tailored individual internships including accommodation, supervision and an action plan that matches their aspirations and skills.


We are quick to consider canditades with a prove of all or most of the following:

  • Interest in the environment, development or community work
  • Previous study in environmental science, political science, sociology, anthropology or a related field
  • Openness to new cultures
  • A minimum commitment of one month

For international and foreign students, your internship will involve the following elements to insure that the work makes a lasting impact on you and the community you serve:


Orientation – You will be helped acclimate to your new surroundings and deliver essential information to ensure a safe and comfortable entry. Initially, you will stay in a hostel but then move on to a host family. A variety of activities and educational sessions will comprise the orientation phase, preparing you for the work ahead. Eco-Ethics provides 10 to 15 hours of basic language training during orientation (Kiswahili only).


Accommodation – All interns live individually with host families. These accommodations ensure your full immersion into the local language and culture while providing a chance to form relationships with an extended family and community. Many interns stay in close contact with their host families for years after completing their internship because of the bonds made during such a memorable period of their lives.


Development Training – Throughout your internship, Eco-Ethics Kenya will support you with a series of development tools to ensure the success of your project work. Initially, you will learn the most pressing economic, environmental, and educational related development issues and initiatives in the local region.


Our interns are given lots of support in their learning activities and Eco Ethics Kenya ensures that this is an enjoyable experience as well as an invaluable preparation for future roles you will play across the world.


Fees for Foreign students is USD 1000 for four weeks.


To submit your application today in whichever category as either an intern, volunteer or attachee, kindly access our Recruitment Portal at Opportunities with EEK