About Eco Ethics Kenya

Eco-Ethics Kenya is an environmental and community development organisation. Since our establishment in 2001, we have worked towards sustainable management of coastal and marine resources, with an intention of not only sustaining the integrity of ecosystems but also bettering livelihoods of our communities dependent on these resources. We are based in Mombasa but have projects nationally and regionally.


We are part of a global movement registered in Oldendorf Germany called, Eco Ethics International Union. This international collaboration of millions of people, forms a strong movement agitating for an ethical approach to nature. Our commitment to human survival is rooted in scientific research, knowledge and compatibility between nature and humanity. We acknowledge that our species, Homo sapiens sapien, cannot survive without a healthy environment. We strive to achieve these through collaborative efforts with other arms of our mother Union and through participation in strategic interventions of our own and those of our partners.


Since our inception, we have worked and continue to work in several diverse fields like: Ecosystems products (fisheries, forests, and wildlife), environmental education, livelihoods, empowerment (political and constitutional assertiveness, equity, equality, economic independence) among other cross-cutting issues.


Our team is as diverse as our interests and society: we have scientists specialised in different fields; community mobilisers; environmental educators; livelihood enhancers; innovators as well as advocacy specialists. Although these teams work centrally, sometimes they are semi-autonomous but continue to subscribe to our overriding motto. We also have a huge pool of expertise from our mother Union, not to mention those from our volunteer alumni spread over the globe.


Overall, we plant and germinate ideas in regard to sustainable exploitation of environmental resources, we work closely with communities to realise common aspirations, we create awareness, and where necessary we stand up against disruption and infringement into conventionally accepted modes of societal organisation and development using the human rights approach.

Our Mission

To investigate, demonstrate, promote and enhance harmonious relationships between human communities and their natural resources, building on the principle of sustainability.

Our Vision

To have a world of human communities that value and are adequately informed about their actions on the natural environment.

Our long-term goal

Having human communities that are responsive to new knowledge and are willing to adapt to alternative livelihoods for the sustainability of the world’s coasts and their environmental resources.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Creativity and resourcefulness
  • A lasting legacy