Eco Ethics Consulting

EEC (Eco Ethics Consulting) is the environmental consulting wing of Eco Ethics Kenya.

Our approach to consulting is founded on our technical competence, our professional experience, regular communication with our clients, and above all, responsiveness to the needs of our clients to provide superior and creative solutions. Make your request for consultancy services now through THE ECO ETHICS CONSULTING PORTAL



We are committed to ensuring our clients achieve sustainability, profitability and compliance with established laws in their operations. The EEC is currently implementing projects in Kenya. You too could be our next client!


The firm brings together a team of experts from different fields, with the aim of being a one stop shop for different consultancy services in the field of environment and sustainable development. Our technical staff members working on projects have advanced degrees and all have a Bachelors degree at minimum. All staff members have adequate experience and necessary certifications for the type of projects they have been assigned to. To ensure that they are always updated with the most recently promulgated rules and regulations, they participate in many professional and trade associations that are responsible for developing new rules and standards.


Our Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits
  • Baseline studies
  • Waste and Waste Water Management
  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Environmental management systems
  • Urban planning
  • GIS and Digital Mapping
  • Feasibility studies for various projects
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Project Evaluation


Areas of specialization

  • Environmental Impact Statements under NEMA
  • Environmental Compliance Audits under NEMA
  • Noise Surveys, Analysis and Reports
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) auditing in support of ISO 14001 Certification
  • Biological Surveys
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • Pollution Prevention Surveys
  • Feasibility and Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Sampling for OSHA
  • Worker and Environmental Protection training
  • Emissions Inventories
  • Monitoring and Modeling
  • Watershed and Other Natural Resource Management Plans
  • Environmental Program Management and Environmental Regulation Development
  • Economic, Technical and Risk Analysis
  • Identification and Mitigation of Threats
  • Environmental Site Assessments