Since its establishment in 2002, Eco ethics Kenya has been on the forefront in addressing environmental challenges in the coast of Kenya. Actually, apart from implementing many sustainable projects, the organization has over the years maintained strong advocacy campaigns against marine poisoning, Mangrove degradation and unsustainable fishing.

This year, the organization has so far implemented several sustainable projects with the latest being Munje fisher folk infrastructure improvement project. Still, In order to forge the best way forward and enable the organization achieve its mission as outlined in the current strategic plan, Eco Ethics Kenya recently held an internal seminar at Wogect hotel in Mombasa.The seminar sort to address the following key issues; Strategic positioning of the organization by identifying its key partners ,Resource mobilization strategies, Networking-creating a global village through partnerships, Revamping of the website and social media and Income generation and Sustainability.

The seminar was a highly successful and was attended by Eco Ethics Kenya Board members, Director, Staffs and invited guests. The day also provided as an important opportunity to commemorate Eco ethics Kenya 13years of community service.