Since 2002, Eco Ethics Kenya has been working with artisanal fishermen in the coastal areas of Kenya with the goal of ensuring sustainable utilization and management of fisheries resources. The key concern has been infrastructure as an enabler of fisheries development. It was in this regard that the organization in collaboration with the Munje communities managed to secure funding support from the Japanese government for the development of a fish handling and storage infrastructure facility to be constructed in the small village of Munje.

The goal of the project is to contribute towards improvement of fish handling and storage capacities of Munje fishers this is in a bid to better working conditions and income in the predominantly fishing community.The eagerly awaited grant signing ceremony for the project had finally arrived.There were many guests in attendance including the guest of honor Ambassador of Japan Mr. Tatsushi Terada, Member of Parliament of Mvita constituency Mr. Abdulswamad Nassir, Mombasa County Executive Committee Secretary for Tourism Mr. Tumbo Joab Odhiambo, Mr. Masayuki, the GGP coordinator and Munje Beach coordinators. Schools present included Ganjoni Primary School, Star of the Sea Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School and Likoni secondary school.


Guests were entertained by the Eco Clubs which livened the atmosphere, this was followed by BMU Chairman, Mzee Hamza Mohamed Masoud who thanked all stakeholders for bringing the project into his community. Next, he presented gifts to the ambassador and Mr. Tumbo as a show of gratitude and Dr. Okeyo Benards, the director of Eco Ethics International Kenya also gave his speech expressing his gratitude to the Japanese people for “showing their support to Kenya fishers” and the impact the project will have on coastal infrastructure.


The Guest of honor, His Excellency the ambassador of Japan to Kenya, Mr. Tatsushi Terada reiterated the commitment of the Japanese government in supporting development in Kenya. He further assured the public that the embassy will offer all the support necessary for the realization of the project. The ceremony concluded with the signing of the grant contract document by Mr. Tatsushi Terada on behalf of the Japanese Government and Dr. Bernard Okeyo on behalf of Eco Ethics Kenya.